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okay so i've decided to stop with the featured thing
the featured is now mainly for features we (as in the mods) find incredible.
theres some featured that dosen't really... have that "aspect"?
sorry if i sound rude aaa
just no one is really submitting to the other folders anymore where it'd be appropriate.

plus, im not doing the weekly featured (as you could prolly tell)
because i've become extremellllyy busy so im not able to do much of anything.

ty guys for your patience <3
im thinking about featuring five people a week
what do you guys think?

submit your art to the featured folder and i'll look at your gallery!!
if you guys have anyone you'd like to see featured;
sent the group a note!!
from cofounder h-opefuI ;
please submit to the correct folders!!
looking through the unsorted folder, some things are there that could've been sent to the correct folders!!
thank you so much and we love all our members!! :heart:
I've added new co-founders to the group. Thank you to everyone who offered, but I'm no longer accepting new co-founders!
I'm going to finally give in & ask for some assistance managing this group.

For almost a year now I've let this group be controlled by the members & it's just…a mess.

So…comment if you want to help. I'd appreciate it if you had examples of group(s) you've worked with & some feedback on what you would do to help the group out. Thanks!

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